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Buck #37

Hunter:    Mike Lindquist          

Score:     118 7/8"

Points:     11 points

Weight:    202 pounds

Date:        November 4, 2006

Location:  Northern Minnesota

Method:    30.-06 bolt


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It's a perfect, calm sunny morning in November. At 8:30 things begin to happen around my stand. A small 6 pt emerges from the pines to the west. He crosses the creek and gets with 80 yards of me. He turns upstream where he meets an unusual 5 pt. with a second little spike beam on the edge of the beaver meadow. They eventually make their way into the woods. Later on, I see a fork horn out in the meadow, meandering around a doe. Then a pretty decent 8 pt. appears. I watch them interact with the doe, but they seem extra-concerned with something in the woods to the east. So was I. After ten minutes or so a nice buck reveals himself. When he appeared, it was clear that he was a good 75 pounds heavier than these other deer. He moves with command and power, unlike the skittish, jittery movements of the other bucks. He makes his way out towards the other deer, but it doesn't seem like he'll get any closer than 200 yards. He begins to get uneasy with all the other deer commotion. I decide to take the first possible killing opportunity. After a little run around, he quarters towards me and I drop him like bricks with a neck shot. The other hunter in the woods, my brother Chris was the MVP of the day, by helping out with the long drag.