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Buck #7

Hunter:    Dan Urbas              

Score:     161 7/8" (172 5/8" gross non typical)

Points:     14 points

Weight:   180 lbs

Date:        November 5, 2005

Location:  Washington County, Minnesota

Method:   archery

lb_DanUrbas05RightSunset.jpg (162163 bytes)  lb_DanUrbas05FrontSunset.jpg (291165 bytes)  lb_DanUrbas05TCBus.jpg (192663 bytes)

As I pulled my trail camera on that warm October day I was a bit disappointed to see the film counter on only "2", especially being out for two weeks. Hours later, my momentum changed for the season. One of the two photos was a buck to be later named "The Bus". Planning my upcoming ambush for the rut was the next step.

When the alarm went off that morning it was a brutal roll out of bed. Having spent two all days sits in a row, the third day wasn't going to be easy.  I slipped on my Lone Wolf and organized all the gear. Hours rolled by and with minor deer activity. It was approaching noon when out of the west a doe bolted by. Quickly sliding my wrist underneath the sling, my eyes opened wide as I saw "The Bus" on the trail of his smelly girlfriend. Trying to stop him didn't work so I elected to trip the release when he was at a medium fast chase. To my best observance it was the sound and sight of a good hit. I elected to start on him after an hour. The blood was good and bubbly. After 120 yards, beams protruding out of the leaves was the first glimpse. There is no feeling in the world than kneeling next to the buck you worked so hard for. As you can see, he lost a lot of weight since the trail photo.