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Buck #47

Hunter:    Greg Lenz               

Score:     100" estimate

Points:     9 points

Weight:    209 lbs

Date:        November 2001

Location:  INorthern Minnesota

Method:   .30-06



My hunt was short but eventful.  I was party hunting in my lucky "Shad Stand," setup in a 50 yard strip of mature timber between an aspen clear cut and a beaver meadow - a natural travel corridor.  At about 9 am Saturday I heard deer upwind of me snorting several times.  After about 15 minutes I thought I heard a grunt, but faintly.  Ten minutes later a doe entered the beaver meadow at 50 yards.  Since I was holding a doe permit, I didn't hesitate.  I shot her in the lungs and she ran a short distance and went down.  Then I grunted a couple times and five minutes later the buck entered the same meadow at 70 yards.  I shot the buck behind the shoulder and he bolted.  I fired another shot and zinged his hide, but the damage was already done.  He went about 100 yards with a bloodless trail before going down.  There were tense moments of doubt at a time like that and much relief when I found the buck.  He was 13" wide, had fairly heavy beams and good beam length with 7 inch tines.  One of my better bucks for sure.


On a footnote, as Joel and I were skinning the deer in the garage, Rob pulled in with his 8 pointer and proclaims that he kicked my ass.  "Always look at what's hanging at the meat pole before getting too cocky."