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Buck #51

Hunter:    Matt Lindquist               

Score:     86 2/8"

Points:     8 points

Weight:    unknown

Date:        November 1993

Location:  Northern Minnesota

Method:    7mm bolt


I was hunting with my dad and my brother on the first rifle weekend.  I found a ton of deer tracks in the snow and decided to climb a small oak tree that overlooked a little open area.  At about 9 am I saw movement to my right.  There were two deer heading for the clearing.  I noticed that the first one was a nice buck and I estimated it had 8 points.  I waited to get a good look at the second one since he was only about 20 yards behind.  Once I saw that the second buck had only 6 antler points, I focused my attention back to the first deer.  He was still to my right and I wasn't very mobile in my stand, so I decided to take a left handed shot.  He was walking slowly as I carefully squeezed off a shot.  He ran only 15 yards and dropped while the second buck disappeared into the brush.  Later, while gutting him out, I looked up to see that the 6 pointer had come back to investigate.  He snorted and took off.

The next day Mike got a 6 pointer in the same general area.  I think it was the same one I saw, but it's hard to say.  This year marked the second time that both Mike and I had taken a deer one day apart.