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Buck #41

Hunter:    Bryan O'Keeffe              

Score:     115"

Points:     10 points

Weight:   unknown

Date:       November 8, 2000

Location: Aitkin, Minnesota

Method:   rifle


8:15 in the morning. I saw him come out of the buck brush.  He was further away then I had originally thought.  I pulled up my gun to get a clean shot through a lane that had been cut out, but the deer was moving at a slight angle.  I pulled up my rifle and aimed between two birch trees. I literally had about six inches between the trees to shoot at.  

When I saw him enter the zone I saw his head and then waited one more second, as he was on the move.  I pulled the trigger and saw him fall, but then lost track of him in the brush.
I searched for him for about a half an hour and couldn't find him. Needless to say I was upset, thinking that I only wounded him.  I went back to my stand and pulled my gun up where I thought I had shot.  I went out again to search and figured I'd go a little deeper.  Well, it happens that he was much further away then I thought and ended up pulling the trigger at about 85-90 yds away with an open site 30-30.  It was a perfect shot; lower neck/shoulder shot that didn't ruin any of the front quarter.

I had no idea he was this big when I saw him in the woods, because he was alot further away then I had thought.  This is only my 4th year hunting and my first buck with a nice inside spread of 17 2/8".