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Buck #10

Hunter:    Shawn Leach        

Score:     158 6/8"

Points:     13 points

Weight:    200 pounds

Date:        November 2003

Location:  Wright County, Minnesota

Method:   archery

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I crawled up in the stand about 6:15am that morning.  It was extremely quiet.  You could hear for miles. No wind and we had a good hard frost the night before so the snow was extra loud which helped alot.  I am hunting a private 40 acres that has thick woods so I cut about a 6 foot shooting lane from my stand to the trail that was about 10 yards in front of my stand.  It was a trail that had obvious sign with lots of rubs and scrapes all along the trail but I had never seen this buck on the 40 acres that we were hunting. At about 6:45am I heard something walking towards me from my right. The deer got about 30 yards from me and all I could see was his legs because the woods were so thick.  I'm watching his legs get closer and closer coming right down the trail that my stand was on not knowing yet that he was a trophy. About 20 yards away the woods kind of cleared up to where you could see pretty good so right before he got to that point I drew my bow into the shooting lane I had cut. I watched him closely, thinking that he would walk right to me.  Well, then when he stepped out I saw nothing but horns!!!  There's no words to describe that kind of rush..  I get the same rush every time I get something in my scope or peep but I've never felt quite like that!!!  AWESOME!!!  I couldn't wait until he got into my shooting lane, fearing the worst, so when he got to a little clearing that I could get my arrow through I turned and shot him. My buddy is sitting in a stand about 60 yards down the same trail and I stood up in my stand and yelled, "He's a monster and I got him!!  I was so excited.  He didn't go down right away. He took off running in a 30 yard circle and stopped, paused for 5 seconds and took off.  Lucky for the snow and the 100 grain Vortex Mechanical broadhead, there was a good blood trail and we found him.  I was on a buck high!!  He gross scored it 171 3/8, Net Typical scored 158 6/8, and Net Non-Typical scored 167 6/8.  This buck has it all: mass, spread, length and lots of character!