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Buck #21

Hunter:    Doug Nelson               

Score:     141"

Points:     11 points

Weight:    unknown

Date:        November 2, 2002

Location:  Jefferson County, Wisconsin

Method:    archery

lb_DougNelson_brush_side.jpg (108524 bytes)  lb_DougNelson_trail_front.jpg (65675 bytes)  lb_DougNelson_trail_side.jpg (261345 bytes)

AM hunt of 11/2 and it's been an active week on this stand. I have seen bucks every day for the past five mornings. All have been yearling bucks and I have been passing them by. Around 7:15 a doe goes busting out of the brush and behind her are two bucks with decent head gear on them. I have already determined that one of the bucks was the biggest buck I have seen on stand in many years. Unfortunately they are heading across in front of me and going in the wrong direction at about 60 yards. Forty-five minutes later a doe comes into view and I am hoping it's the same doe knowing the two bucks would be right behind her. Much to my luck it was the same doe, but now there are not only two bucks in pursuit but three and the doe is heading straight for me! She crosses the ditch that I am on and goes right beneath my stand. The biggest buck is the lead buck right behind her. He stopped 3 yards from the base of my tree and I decided to take the straight down shot. I hit him in the back 1 inch right of the spine. The arrow went all the way through and I gave him four hours to bleed out. We picked up the trail around noon and after tracking nearly 300 yards we found him around 1:00 that afternoon in the thickest, nastiest willow/marsh you could find. The 11-point rack had a gross score of 151 3/8 and a net score of 141.