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Buck #22

Hunter:    Mike Lindquist               

Score:     140 1/8"

Points:     10 points

Weight:    191 pounds

Date:        November 4, 2006

Location:  Northern Minnesota

Method:    30.06 bolt


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Because of a Minnesota movie that was starting for me in early November, my time in the woods this season was precious. I would only have 5 days of gun season, so I spent many October days in the woods with the bow, hoping to get my buck before the big job started. I actually saw this fellow from 25 yards the day before gun season opened, but he kept a lot of brush between himself and my archery set up. I relocated to a nearby spot on Saturday morning and he came rolling down one of the trails, on the prowl, looking for a doe.  I grunted twice, getting him to stop;  that's when I ott-sixed him.  He's my best buck to date and was happy to share the success with all the good folks and pup back at deer camp.