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Buck #44

Hunter:    Jeff Salowitz               

Score:     108 2/8"

Points:     8 points

Weight:    232 pounds

Date:        November 2004

Location:  Brimson, Minnesota

Method:   16 gauge shotgun


JeffSalowitz1.jpg (122616 bytes)    JeffSalowitz3.jpg (229378 bytes)

It was a cloudy windy Friday when I took this buck. My father and I were heading out to our stands for one last shot at a monster buck we had our eyes set on for the year. We had decided however, that we would shoot whatever we saw with antlers. This turned out to be a nice kill even though it wasn't the one we had been tracking.

It seemed like every form of wildlife was active; birds were everywhere as well as squirrels and other rodents. At about 8:25 it sounded as if I was stuck in a New York traffic jam. All of a sudden the woods went dead silent. I started to listen more intently and scanned the trails leading past my stand. A small doe with a fawn were slowly walking down the trail closest to me. I heard a deep grunt at this point and knew there had to be a buck nearby. The doe and fawn sprinted under my stand immediately after the grunt. I still hadn't seen any sign of a buck. I grunted once and waited. Watching the general vicinity of where I had last seen the doe I saw a massive head and rack appear from around a tree. It slowly walked down the trail and then turned to to follow the doe offering me the perfect broadside shot. It was a thirty yard shot through brush and cover, but I decided to take it. I hit him in the jugular vein and he dropped where he stood. A very nice buck to finish the season.