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Buck #45

Hunter:    Mike Lindquist               

Score:     102 1/8"

Points:     8 points

Weight:    unknown

Date:        November 3, 2001

Location:  Northern Minnesota

Method:   .30-06 bolt



Matt saw four deer (two does for sure) opening morning but no buck opportunities.  My morning was pretty quiet.  At lunch my sister Hannah reassured me that I only needed to see ONE deer.  That evening, I went back out to my spot on the edge of a very dense, tangled mess of brush overlooking six scrapes and four nice rubs.  At 3:30 pm I heard a branch break in the middle of the big brushy morass, probably 500 yards away or more.  Clearly it was more than a squirrel or grouse: either this was some guy trying to make his way through the terrible mess (doubtful), or it was a deer.  I grunted a few times and listened very closely for 15 minutes or so.  Nothing.  Time passed and I kind of stored it away.  Then at 4:30 pm I heard another twig snap from the same direction, this time a little closer.  I grunted a couple more times and listened intently.  Nothing.  More time passed and the shooting light began to diminish.  Then at 5:05 pm I heard a few more twigs break and then began to see movement.  Brown movement.  I slowly prepared my rifle and waited to see what kind of deer would emerge from the thick downfall area.  The deer made its way towards me from the side, very slowly.  Then as the deer passed into a lane of less clutter, I detected tines.  I watched his tail flutter as he slowly angled behind me.  It was only a matter of time before he caught my scent as the wind was crossing in his favor.  Then he took a step into another somewhat unobstructed spot and stopped on a dime.  His tail shot straight up into the air.  It was time.  In a matter of moments he would bolt.  My view of him was limited:  his shoulder/vitals and his tail, nothing else.  I took the shot.  65-70 yards over my left shoulder through some rather dense cover.  His tail went down immediately and after 20 yards or less, he hit the deck.  Upon arrival to the scene, it dawned on me:  my biggest buck to date.  A nice even 8 pointer with decent spread (16") nice tine length (longest 9").  Matt came over to my spot after hearing the shot and he helped me gut and drag the buck out of the woods.  Not a monster, but a dandy 8 pointer!