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Buck #26

Hunter:    Joel Schmitz               

Score:     131 4/8"

Points:     9 points

Weight:    unknown

Date:        November 1991

Location:   Northern Minnesota

Method:    rifle


lb_Joel_9pointer_91.jpg (188525 bytes)  lb_joel_9_pointer2_91.jpg (196835 bytes)

It was the second weekend of the season in Zone 1.  It was the year of the big Halloween 30-inch snowstorm.  There was no way to drive in on the logging road, so it made for a long walk through some deep snow.  "Keeps the riff-raff out", they say.

I was on a stand looking over a dense swamp.  At about 2pm in the afternoon I caught movement of a deer.  I watched for a few minutes as it crept along.  I was able to make out that it had antlers, but I had no idea how big.  I shot and saw him bound into the brush and was unable to make a follow-up shot.  I went over to the spot where he had been standing and saw that I had a solid hit.  He didn't go far.  When I walked up on him, I was very surprised at how big he was- my biggest buck ever!  The heavy 9-pointer scored 131 1/2.