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Buck #27

Hunter:    Joel Schmitz               

Score:     130 7/8"

Points:     10 points

Weight:    203 lbs

Date:        November 11, 2003

Location:   Northern Minnesota

Method:    30.06 bolt

Joel10pt2003.jpg (168791 bytes)

I was hunting in northern Minnesota around the Tower area. We had about 2 or 3 inches of snow on the ground. I had shot a management deer on opening day and was hoping for a chance at a nice buck. The stand I chose was one that I had prepared in the middle of October. It looked like there was a lot of doe and fawn activity in the area. I knew if there were does, there would be bucks looking for them once the rut began.

The morning was partly cloudy with a light breeze and 30F. At 7:30am I saw a lone deer about 75 yards away moving along a ridge. The deer stopped and I identified it as a doe. Just like that, the deer looked back and took off running. Behind the doe came a large-racked buck. The chase was on. The buck finally stopped about 65 yards away and I shot. It then ran out of sight. After tracking the deer, I saw that I had a good hit and was able to walk up on the downed buck.  He was about as big as I thought. A nice 10 pointer that dressed out at 203 pounds. It green scored 130 7/8". The rack was a very nice dark color. I then spent the majority of the day dragging and loading the deer into my truck. You can sure tell when you shoot a big buck. They don't drag very easy, even on snow. A good buck and an excellent hunting experience.