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Buck #15

Hunter:    Leon McNutt

Score:     148 7/8"

Points:     9 points

Weight:    200 lbs estimate

Date:        October, 2002

Location:  Houston, Minnesota

Method:    archery

Leon9pt.jpg (79900 bytes)  Leon9ptRack.jpg (69860 bytes)  Leon9ptRackScored.jpg (83025 bytes)


This is my first buck taken on my recently purchased homestead in Houston, MN. The buck passed by my stand at 20 yards and was collected 60 yards from the impact location. Actually, the buck had passed by my stand twice before, however I was holding out for an even larger buck I had seen with this one a month before when they were both in velvet. This buck had a 19 3/8 spread, Nine points, G2s and G3s where 10 7/8. The actual deductions came mainly from the ninth point with a total deduction of 2 3/8 inches.