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Buck #53

Hunter:    Mike Lindquist               

Score:     77 3/8"

Points:     6 points

Weight:    Heavy

Date:        November 7,  1987

Location:  Northern Minnesota

Method:    6mm bolt


After being skunked for the first couple years of my deer hunting career, seeing that buck walking through the woods was pretty surreal.  It was a bright, sunny mid-morning and the leaves were crunching loudly.  I had set up on a birch log that I propped in a notch a few weeks before the season.  I was overlooking a trail intersection where I had sprinkled some doe scent.  This buck came in at a steady pace with his nose to the ground, checking for the doe.  As he arrived at the spot where I had left the scent, he stopped and offered the perfect broadside shot.  I fired a shot right in the shoulder and he dropped like a sack of rocks.  My first deer ever!  What a thrill.  Dad came over to the site and helped me with the gutting, a gesture extended to all first-buck successes in our party.  Gauging it against the other bucks that Ive harvested over the years, this certainly is one of the heavier ones.  Id guess around 200 pounds  Only six points but long beams and excellent symmetry.