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Buck #54

Hunter:    Mike Lindquist               

Score:     75 3/8"

Points:     8 points

Weight:    140 lbs

Date:        November 22, 2002

Location:  Northern Minnesota

Method:   .30-06 bolt




With a fresh blanket of snow, I worked my way back to the tree that produced my big eight point from the previous season.  Upon arrival, I noted the lack of deer traffic on the trails and opted to set up in a different location, further behind the swamp.  Although it took another hour to get settled in to a fresh tree, I felt better about my new area.  


I made the right decision.  Sure enough, this little warrior buck comes walking right down the pipe about an hour later.  When I grunted to stop him, he quartered towards me, giving me an unusual angle.  I took the shot anyway and subsequently made a bad hit.  After a good 2 hour wait and a long, tense track, we found him bedded down in the swampy alders, expired.


This buck was a fighter 'til the finish.  He had five busted tines.