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November, 2005. The first is a nice buck from the northeastern woods. The last three in the snow are bucks that survived the rifles. The ten pointer is rutting pretty hard. He's all sweaty from running does while he paused to make this scrape 65 yards from a stand. That would've been the day to be out there. The last buck I saw from the stand this year but didn't get a clean shot opportunity. He's a nice eight. He'll be even better next year.

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November, 2005. Here's a few last minute buck photographs, just in time for opening gun weekend. The bucks are starting to move a bit more now, with the rut starting up. Most of the bigger guys seem to still use the cover of darkness.

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October, 2005. My brother and I were fortunate enough to witness this giant buck being taken in this year's whitetail archery hunt at Camp Ripley. We were set up about 200 yards apart along the edge of a swamp when this monster came stumbling into our area, noticeably wounded. He piled up in between our stands, about 60 yards from my spot. His trailers eventually followed. It was 11:30 am anyway, so we both figured we'd get down and check the buck out. He's a beast, probably the best buck taken out of there in a couple years. A basic 12 point frame with lots of extra junk. Some mass measurements were close to 7+ inches. It was a treat to get my hands on that rack for a couple minutes. We both thought he'd score in the net 175 range. 15 total scorables; a triple and a double brow with a few kickers on each G3. An amazing animal. Congrats to the fortunate hunters!

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October, 2005. Colder weather, finally! This means more buck movement. Here's a few bucks from my cameras up at the cabin. Some nice deer out there, a basket eight, a wide eight and a ten. Hopefully they hang around and travel during the daylight in a couple weeks.

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September, 2005. Some nice bucks out there. Notice the ladder stand in the first three....good spot. The last buck is walking around under my stand. I count 5, almost 6 points on his right side. I had yet another camera attacked by bears. The camera wasn't damaged much. I made an "in the field" repair and it's back up and running. Stay tuned for the photos. 

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September, 2005. Great group of animals here: a few nice bucks, a big bear and a great buck.

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August, 2005. This is a great group of photos sent in by a few friends of Minnesota Bucks. These all were taken in the northern part of the state. Some great bucks in there, including an impressive 12 pointer.

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August, 2005. These photos were sent in by  friends of Minnesota Bucks from the Fergus Falls and the Arrowhead areas.  Some pretty nice shots in there of a few different species.

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August, 2005. Here's a nice batch of photos from my cameras in northern Minnesota. There's a few nice bucks out there; hopefully they'll put on a few more inches. Bow season is just around the corner.

TCJMcintoshDoeTwoFawns.jpg (151035 bytes)  TCJMcintoshNice8pt&Smallerbuck.jpg (136137 bytes)  TCJMcintoshNice8ptSmall6pt.jpg (117478 bytes)  TCJMcIntoshVelvetDandy.jpg (36790 bytes)  TCJMcIntoshVelvetMiddayBucks.jpg (229931 bytes)  TCJMcintoshBig12ptWithFawn.jpg (135408 bytes)

August, 2005. Jacob McIntosh sent in these great photos of some northern Minnesota whitetails. There's a few nice bucks in the group, including a dandy 12 pointer.

TC2005PRLT4pt.jpg (153972 bytes)  TC2005PRLT6pt1.jpg (219873 bytes)  TC2005PRLT6pt2.jpg (184679 bytes)  TCCWGoodBrows.jpg (98437 bytes)  TCCWGoodBuckSunset.jpg (121390 bytes)  TCCWTwoBucksMoon.jpg (118098 bytes)

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July, 2005. The whitetail bucks and bull moose look to be off to a good start in their antler growth this year. This is a collection of photographs from my cameras and some from a couple friends in northern Minnesota.


TCCWFirstGrowth.jpg (89577 bytes)   TCKNFirstGrowthNight.jpg (141100 bytes)   TCKNFirstGrowthTwoBucks.jpg (337602 bytes)   TCKNFirstGrowthBullMoose.jpg (289044 bytes)

June, 2005. A couple friends of Minnesota Bucks sent these nice photographs in. They show some of the early stages of antler growth on a couple good bucks and even a bull moose.

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March, 2005. Here's a group of bucks, 3/4 still carrying. The white antlers on the biggest one would be easy to spot once the snow melts. I found the matching set from the smaller one in the last picture.

TCSnowshoeHare.jpg (85793 bytes)  TCSFNice8pt.jpg (184940 bytes)  TCSFSingleAntler.jpg (61914 bytes)  TCSFTwoDecentBucks.jpg (184022 bytes)  TCSFTwoGoodBucks.jpg (146158 bytes)  TCSFTwoNiceEightsOneBusted.jpg (181214 bytes)

February, 2005. Looks like most of the bigger deer are still carrying both sides. Some pretty good bucks in this group. I'd like to get a look at the buck that busted up the one nice eight pointer in the last photograph.

TCMB2Bucks.jpg (91444 bytes)  TCMB2EightPoints.jpg (90692 bytes)  TCMBOneSide8pointer.jpg (114468 bytes)  TCMBSniff.jpg (114424 bytes)  TCMBSingle8pt.jpg (81289 bytes)  TCMBSingle8pt2.jpg (115259 bytes)  TCMBWide8ptwDoe.jpg (117242 bytes)

February, 2005. Here's another group of photos sent in by Matt from Brainerd. Some nice looking deer in there; looks like they're starting to shed.

TCPotter13pointFront.jpg (103624 bytes)  TCPotter13pointSide.jpg (100939 bytes)  TCSasquatchBowhunter.jpg (141754 bytes)  TCSPCL8pt04.jpg (165404 bytes)

January, 2005. Here's a beautiful 13 pointer coming in to a feeder up north. There's also an interesting photo of some guy out there bowhunting on New Year's Eve weekend. The last picture is a nice eight pointer that's still out in the woods after deer season.

TCLamppa10pt.jpg (106980 bytes) TCLamppaDark10pt.jpg (147883 bytes) TCLamppaUltraWide8pt.jpg (172981 bytes) TCLamppaUltraWide8ptDown.jpg (173376 bytes) TCLamppaFawnPheasant.jpg (171054 bytes) TCLamppaClean8pt.jpg (161250 bytes) TCLamppa8ptScar.jpg (108548 bytes) TCLamppaSplitBrow12pt.jpg (361436 bytes)

January, 2005. Jason Lamppa provided this nice group of trail photos. All of these deer survived the recent Minnesota hunting seasons. The last one is a bruiser of a buck.