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Dec, 2006. A friend of Minnesota bucks contributed these photographs. A couple good buck photos from last October/November.

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Nov, 2006. Just in time for deer season. Most of those big boys are still nocturnal.

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Oct, 2006. Lots of quality northern Minnesota bucks in this batch.

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Oct, 2006. Moose are always cool to see on your trail camera. Here's a few photos sent in by a friend and soon-to-be (knock on wood) successful Minnesota moose hunter. There's also a great northwoods buck in there.

TC06KNVelvet9pt.jpg (175918 bytes)  TC06KNVelvetWide8pt.jpg (163440 bytes)  TC06KNVelvet10pt.jpg (167542 bytes)  TC06KNCanine.jpg (190609 bytes)  TC06MWElevenStickersAway.jpg (57642 bytes)  TC06MWElevenStickersDown.jpg (148923 bytes)  TC06MWElevenStickersProfile.jpg (65211 bytes)  TC06MWBobcatCarcass.jpg (88576 bytes)

Sept, 2006. A great mix of photos were sent in by a couple friends of the site. Lots of good bucks and a few unique shots of canine/feline activity.

TC06JMStandVelvet10ptProfile.jpg (129219 bytes) TC06JMStandVelvet10ptCU.jpg (180893 bytes) TC06JMStandVelvet10ptMed.jpg (169648 bytes) TC06JMVelvet10ptNightProfile.jpg (86434 bytes) TC06JMVelvet7pt.jpg (96902 bytes) TC06JMVelvet8pt.jpg (95555 bytes) TC06JMVelvet9pt.jpg (92862 bytes) TC06JMVelvetTrio.jpg (107928 bytes)

Sept, 2006. This nice batch of whitetail photos was sent in by a friend from northern Minnesota.

TC2006SisterCampMooseSwimming.jpg (116061 bytes)   TC2006SisterCampMooseQuarter.jpg (152568 bytes)  TC2006SisterCampMooseStraight1.jpg (120166 bytes)  TC2006SisterCampMooseWater.jpg (132051 bytes)  TC2006SisterCampMooseBack.jpg (126820 bytes)  TC2006SisterCampMooseLastLook2.jpg (182660 bytes)

Sept, 2006. While on summer camping trip to the Minnesota wilderness, I had the good fortune of paddling up to a nice bull moose.

TC2006KNJuneBull1.jpg (99067 bytes)  TC2006KNJuneBull2.jpg (119546 bytes)  TC2006KNJulyBuck.jpg (119153 bytes)  TC2006KNJulyBull.jpg (108809 bytes)  TC2006JMForkCoon.jpg (58175 bytes)  TC2006JMJulyTen.jpg (68845 bytes)  TC2006JMJulyTen2.jpg (63675 bytes)

Sept, 2006. Just in time for the opening of bow season: some trail photos to get you fired up. Here's a nice collection of both hoofed species, sent in by a couple friends of MN bucks.

TCCDMovingBullMoose.jpg (368630 bytes)  TCCDBullMooseHeadDown.jpg (366046 bytes)  TCCDBullMooseHeadUp.jpg (309692 bytes)  TCCDRadioCollarWolf1.jpg (180328 bytes)  TCCDRadioCollarWolf2.jpg (221507 bytes)

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March, 2006. Here's a few more nice photographs from the Minnesota Moose Man. Check out the radio collared wolf and those big bulls!

TCCDfox.jpg (201832 bytes)   TCCDCowMooseCanine.jpg (167968 bytes)   TCCDBullMooselookingdown.jpg (163421 bytes)   TCCDBullMooseAway.jpg (190619 bytes)   TTCDBullMooseProfile.jpg (174902 bytes)

March, 2006. A fellow moose enthusiast sent in these photos from his collection. Some nice shots in there, including a fox, a coyote or wolf/cow moose stand off and a couple good bulls.

TC06LTSpike.jpg (174169 bytes)   TC06LTSheddedBuck.jpg (171367 bytes)   TC06V10ptCU.jpg (89213 bytes)   TC06V10ptwShedhunter.jpg (165345 bytes)

January, 2006. Looks like there's one buck out there that lost his antlers. I'm not sure what to say about the last photograph. That buck sure seems to be mesmerized by the flash of the camera and not scared enough to run away from that hiker five feet away. Or the hiker is on a walk with his pet ten pointer. Or, the camera didn't advance all the way in the cold weather and made a double exposure on the same frame, thus combining the two unrelated events as one super-imposed image. Pretty freaky.

TCLamppa06Warrior8pt.jpg (122444 bytes) TCLamppa06ScarEleven.jpg (102381 bytes) TCLamppa06BrisketGrowthFawn.jpg (105215 bytes) TCLamppa06WideTen.jpg (155384 bytes) TCLamppa06BladedG2.jpg (120127 bytes) TCLamppa06ShortTen.jpg (134862 bytes)

TCLamppa06ElevenCUwDoes.jpg (124781 bytes) TCLamppa06ElevenwBuck.jpg (181654 bytes) TCLamppa06ElevenOpenMouth.jpg (149433 bytes) TCLamppa06ElevenDay.jpg (143325 bytes)

January, 2006. Jason Lamppa contributed these photographs of recent deer, all survivors from the 2005 hunting season. The first three show deer in tough shape. The first is a busted up warrior buck with ripped up ears. The second nice buck has a big scab near its eye. The third, a fawn, has an abnormal growth on his brisket. The next 3 photos are just some nice bucks with a variety of basic ten point racks. The last four photos are a nice series of the same big eleven pointer.

TCMoccasinPtBuck.jpg (137750 bytes)    TCArrowhead14pt.jpg (122611 bytes)

January, 2006. Here's a couple beauties coming in to some feeders in northern Minnesota. Nice to see that the big ole boys made it through the hunting season; gotta love the snow that collects on their huge racks. Talk about brow tines in that second photo!